Energy Healer, Spiritual Guide, Medium and Business Mentor.

My Healing Sessions

When working as an energy healer and medium, I channel messages from the Star Council or your guides/passed over ones. I suggest you record the healing/channelled session on your phone to capture the wisdom of these high-level creator beings working through me.

The channelled messages arrive during the healing session while releasing the energy blocks. These are the blocks or our pain-body that create our health, vitality and ability to get what you desire. We are energetic beings disguised in physical form, as only 0.000001 % of our body is solid. We are mostly moving energy, protons and neutrons. Emotions are the most potent form of energy. Hence by fully feeling, by dropping into new layers of the heart, we connect to a state of guidance much more powerful than ourselves. This excites me, helping people tune up their energy field to move from head to heart for greater fulfilment and flow in life. This is my journey as explained in the text below.

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About Rob Robertson

Rob is an Energy Healer, Spiritual Guide, Business Mentor and Medium who teaches Emotional Fitness and how to move from self-doubt to self-trust. He is driven to help people release the energetic and emotional blocks to reclaim complete trust, vitality and inner knowing, to move from head to heart, to feel on purpose and in flow.

His journey is the freedom to fully trust his heart, moving from abuse, anxiety and self-doubt to self-esteem and full trust, which is self-acceptance. The massive gifts that have resulted from released anger and self-doubt are why he is passionate about helping others avoid the same inner self-esteem struggles and anxiety. To feel empowered, connected, and guided, totally at peace with who we are.

True inner freedom is not being ‘Mr Positive’ in the head as he was for ten years. That was living the illusion that being safe was to control things so that he did not feel the emotions he did not want or understand. True freedom is to allow the full spectrum of emotions. Connect fully to deeper layers of the heart, the powerful energy field, by embracing the growth and healing of fully feeling negative emotions. To feel inner trust without the head judgment, knowing that any situation is feedback, along the journey of total self-acceptance. Be empowered to feel guided to handle anything.

He is also a business mentor and strategy coach. He uses the 1pageplan, energy healing, intuitive guidance and channelling, supported by HeartQuest monitor, to review stress levels, chakra balance, inner vitality and well-being.

Rob owns Stargate Forest, a retreat centre that is a beautiful escape into nature set on 40 acres of native bush. When not running retreats, he is a business mentor passionate about growing people, supporting teams and Lightworkers to find greater flow to better impact the fast-shifting consciousness. As the Founder of the Unboxed Operating System, he has developed a trust-building model for teams and technology. Working with business owners to apply 5D consciousness principles to achieve greater business flow, team culture and AI/technology understanding and trust.

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