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The brilliance and anger of Nick Kyrgios

I am watching the Wimbleton 2022 Grand Slam final with Nick Kyrgios playing against who is probably the greatest tennis player of all time Novak Djokovic. This match has everything yet the one constant is pressure and this match has it in spades.

At 1-1 all Nick Kyrgios lost the plot in the third set and got very angry which can help him if he relaxes into it to stay loose. Yet he kept the anger going for the game and if only he knew the one missing ingredient he could be Grand Slam Champion. 

Anger is a healthy protective mechanism that can help us raise our game if used in the right way. In life, it can help us take responsibility for change and has true benefits. Yet the key factor is to let it out if it builds up, although not at other people as a general rule. Then in tennis make a choice to loosen the muscles or relax into the anger. If we sit in anger then our muscles are tense which showed in the way Nick lost the third set and ultimately the Grandslam final.

In the following video, I share an example from my childhood about how my father never showed much emotion at all, so I unconsciously assumed that to be loved I needed to always be calm and not show many emotions. So I suppressed so many emotions and it was the tennis court for me that provided a platform to release big blocks of anger. Hence through practical application, I learnt the key part was to stay loose. You can stay angry as long as you are loose or relaxed.

In a future blog, I will look at several different tools to integrate anger using the Emotional Fitness Toolkit. The key part is to express anger, not at anybody, but using one of the methods to use anger to grow our Emotional Fitness and resilience.

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