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I am a big believer that we don’t get what we want in life, we get what our unconscious emotions create. Therefore if repeat patterns provide different outcomes to are desires, then it is our unconscious conditioning driven by our emotions that are the fuel on the fire making it all happen.

If we take that belief further, then we can also say that nothing is an accident in life, all is education. As long as we are aware and able to see the message. Therefore obstacles and challenges provide education to help us evolve and change. As long as we have an open mind which is not totally busy judging on autopilot, as the head is built to do.

By contrast the heart generates many different emotions, which are the deeper influence, as reinforced in one point of the following thought provoking interview of Matt Kahn. It is our heart the leads the head, so understanding our true emotions is the place of our greatest power.

Therefore a key message is to listen to the body and the heart, to build this feedback loop. Like any muscle it is with exercise and training that we get fitter, to honour our emotions, rather than block them and go into the safe place to process things in the head.

The head is designed to judge, process and analyse, yet while doing this we are probably not present. This is often looking back in time or forward to what could occur, yet the power of now is in the present, fully awake to the magic of the current moment.

A key to emotional growth is when a non-positive emotion is felt, then ask the question, “Were is this coming from?” Often this helps us drop deeper into the feeling and start to explore the unconscious conditioning below this current feeling. This is how we can exercise and build the capacity and range of our emotions, opening the heart. It does not often feel fun at the time, dropping into our shadow, yet this can be a big catalysis for personal growth and the awareness driving change.