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After reading a number of her fascinating blog posts I was inspired by the commitment of Dr Janni Lloyd. She is a medical doctor who has now devoted herself to the study of physical immortality. She writes about physical immortality as potentially possible from the viewpoint of medical science. That Medical science is largely based on Newtonian Physics and sees the body as solid matter.

In Australia, the average age of death in the late 1800′s was 40. As a result of the major advances in medical science over the last 100 plus years,– the average age of death now is around 80. She explains that the life expectancy doubled even though the populace believed “death was inevitable” around the age of 40!

A major factor for the increased life expectancy was the decrease in childhood death rate , considered to be due largely to better nutrition, sanitation and advances in medical science. She explains that due to the research into this area that a very conservative estimate of the average life span 100 years from now, based on what we’ve seen in the last 100 years, is a further doubling to 160.

Dr Janni Lloyd quotes two wonderful books which chronicle the advances in medical research which are leading to, not just increased longevity, but physical immortality. They are: “The Last Mortal Generation” by Damien Broderick and “Immortality” by Ben Bova.

Damien Broderick starts his book by saying, “Sometime during the 21st Century, ordinary humans like you and me – or our children or grandchildren – will be offered new medical treatments that will lead, eventually, to physical immortality. Science, and technology, to be more precise, will provide the option of indefinitely extended youthfulness. That will be the start of an epoch when old age is unknown and nobody ever again will need to die …”

Ben Bova begins his book with equally powerful comments – “The first immortal human beings are probably living among us today. You might be one of them. There are men and woman alive today who may well be able to live for centuries, perhaps.”

To read more from Dr Janni Lloyd visit her blog, click here or this fascinating read. She has an interesting e-book hat can be purchased by visiting her site.